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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 9, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a major setback for the white house. federal appeals court has just issued its ruling tonight in the fight over whether to reinstate president trump's temporary immigration ban. our team standing by with what we have just learned. also breaking, the major system slamming the east coast. philadelphia, new york, up through boston, dumping more than a foot of snow. hundreds of accidents. tens of thousands without power tonight, and thousands of flights canceled coast to coast. the president's adviser, kellyanne conway in hot water. the white house saying she has been counselled. after urging people to buy ivanka's clothes. the explosion as a nuclear power plant.
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what we have now learned. and america strong. the little girl and the song now seen by more than 20 million. ♪ her story right here tonight. good evening, and we begin with that breaking news here tonight. a major defeat for president trump, and his temporary immigration ban. a federal appeals court just a short time ago releasing its ruling deciding against reinstating the ban. this is a significant setback for this white house after the ban caused controversy across this country and the world. after president trump's temporary ban on immigrants and travelers from seven predominantly muslim nations. let's get to our chief white house correspondent jon karl with me in new york. >> this is a big setback for the white house and a decision that will outrage the president of the united states. >> reporter: tonight, a major defeat for the white house. that three-judge appeals panel deciding not to reinstate the
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president's travel ban. a big setback for president trump. [ chanting ] and set off chaos at airports hours after it went into effect. families detained. makeshift legal clinics set up. an iraqi translator for the u.s. company sent away, and only allowed to come back after the state court put the travel ban on hold. >> i thought for my rights and i succeeded. >> reporter: president trump started attacking the judges of the ninth circuit court before he issued their ruling. >> i was a good student. i comprehend things very well. better than i think almost anybody. and i want to tell you, i listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. >> reporter: but lawyers for washington state argued the president's executive order violated the constitution, and had done harm not just to the travelers from the affected
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countries, but also to the state of washington. >> what's the harm to the state of washington? >> we had students and factualties who were stranded overseas and families that were separated. >> reporter: the white house argued that the president has the authority to impose the ban and that putting it on hold and downright dangerous. >> believe me. i have learned a lot in the last two weeks. and terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand. >> all right. so let's get back to our chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl. are we hearing from this white house, and it would seem president trump was taking aim before the decision. >> we are hearing from the justice department just now, david, saying, the justice department is reviewing this decision and considering its options. you're right on this. you heard from the president of the united states as he heard the the oral arguments. he called them disgraceful. they won't be surprised by this, but they will be outraged by it.
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he said any high school kid would know that the president has the authority to do this, and the court disagrees. >> stay with us, because we want to bring in terry moran. the temporary ban will not be reinstated, terry, but what comes next? >> reporter: what comes next, david, is a trial. this whole argument was about whether or not that judge robart in washington did the right thing in calling a time-out. they said the judge did, so let's have a trial, and take a close look at the law, and the evidence. who has been harmed? how important are the government's interests? and it will go on appeal again. this court said that president trump's comments about how this is a muslim ban can be used as evidence that me may have had an intent to discriminate against muslims. that could be used as a constitutional argument. >> terry moran, and jon karl.
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thanks to you both. in the meantime, president trump is pushing back against claims that his supreme court nominee, neil gorsuch said he was disheartened and demoralized by president trump's words. he now says he was not referring to what the president said specifically. even know though the judge and his spokesperson said he was. cecilia vega with that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch asked about those reports that he criticized president trump's attacks on judges as quote "disheartening" and "demoralizing." >> are you concerned about the president's attacks on the judiciary? >> no comment. >> reporter: but the president is talking. >> his comments were misrepresented. >> reporter: still, the democratic senator who went public with gorsuch's words after their private meeting, standing by his story to abc's mary bruce. >> judge gorsuch told me -- and there were white house staff in the room --
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that he is disheartened and he finds these attacks on the judiciary demoralizing and disheartening. >> reporter: even gorsuch's own spokesman confirmed that the supreme court nominee was referring specifically to the president's recent statements, like his tweet mocking the federal judge who halted his travel ban, calling him a so-called judge, and comments like this. >> and i don't ever want to call a court biased, so i won't call it biased. and we haven't had a decision yet. but courts seem to be so political. >> reporter: senators from both parties who've met with gorsuch say they heard him express the same dismay about the president. >> he got a little bit emotional and he said that any attack, or any criticism, of his "brothers and sisters of the robe," is an attack or a criticism on everybody wearing the robe as a judge. >> reporter: but today, press secretary sean spicer, not backing down. >> are you saying that demoralizing and disheartening
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was not specifically about the president's comments and what he said? and if so, how does the president -- >> the judge literally made it clear -- >> but three senators have come out and said that they corroborate the statement. >> senator ayotte, who was there, made it very clear that he was commenting in general about attacks on the judiciary. that was it, plain and simple. >> cecilia vega with us live from the white house, and cecilia, we know the president has reacted just moments ago to this decision by the circuit court say, see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. but i want to get back to what you just reported about the comments from judge gorsuch. many believe it could help his own battle for confirmation by creating a distance between himself and the president. >> reporter: that's why some people leave this gives him independence, but a senior white house official today tells me the white house was not at all surprised the judge was asked about the president's comments at the committeeing on capitol
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hill, and one said they did not tell him how to answer these questions. >> thank you. meanwhile, a day after president trump blasted a department store for dropping his daughter's clothing line, his senior adviser, kellyanne conway, during a tv interview, urging shoppers, to, quote, go boy her stuff. the white house saying she was counselled about what she said said. did conway break ethics rules and will she be punished? congress asking for a review, and here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, one of president trump's top advisors, kellyanne conway accused of violating federal ethics rules by promoting ivanka trump's fashion line on live tv. >> go buy ivanka's stuff, is what i would tell you. i hate shopping, and i will go buy some myself today. >> reporter: the sales pitch didn't stop there. >> it's a wonderful line. i own some of it. i fully -- i'm going to give a free commercial here. go buy it today, everybody, you can find it online. >> reporter: federal ethics rules prohibit white house officials from, quote,
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endorsing any product, service or enterprise. conway's comments sparking a bipartisan outcry. and this response from the white house press secretary. >> kellyanne has been counseled. and that's all we're going to go with. she's been counseled on that subject. that's it. >> reporter: but republican house oversight chairman jason chaffetz still not satisfied. he's demanding a full review from the office of government ethics, writing "conway's statements clearly violate the ethical principles for federal employees and are unacceptable." >> i want to make sure it's dealt with swiftly, and completely and that this is not a routine pattern out of white house. >> reporter: the uproar comes just one day after president trump attacked nordstrom for dropping ivanka trump's brand, tweeting "my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom. " that attack then retweeted from his official presidential account. nordstrom stock dropping minutes later.
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later rebounding. the store says it cut ties with ivanka's brand because of declining sales. no comment on any of this from ivanka trump herself. she has formally resigned from her brand, but like her father she still maintains a financial connection. >> all right. so tom llamas with us here tonight. no comment from ivan karka, butt is the white house saying, and more importantly, kellyanne conway? >> he said that the white house understands was trying to defend and stick up for ivanka trump, but conway says the president told her he supports her, and in the trump white house, he is the only person that matters. >> tom, great to have you here at the desk. we move onto other news in the meantime tonight. that massive winter storm, a blizzard down in boston, and parts of new england. slamming much of the east coast today. 50 million americans in the path. this on a boston street swerving out of control as the snow began to fall. a tractor trailer rolling over on the freeway.
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the snow has been blinding for much of the day, cross a snowy street in hoboken. thousands in the dark in at this hour, and abc's linsey davis on the weather. >> reporter: the most powerful storm of the season has not yet release its grip on the east. heavy, wet snow has fallen at 4 inches an hour in some areas. tens of thousands are without power. police are urging people to stay off the roads. >> these roads are bads, and they are only going to get worse. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, this change reaction crash north of scranton. our linzie janis is in neighboring new jersey. >> it is extremely poor. there is so much snow coming down, and plows rnts able to catch up. >> reporter: jackknifed buses in new york city. our eva pilgrim is with stranded drivers. >> reporter: cars getting stuck
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on and off the exit ramps. >> reporter: in wooster, massachusetts, some streets are sheets of ice. >> it's pure ice underneath the snow. >> reporter: in manhattan, a doorman lost his life while shoveling snow. he fell down the stairs and crashed through a window. but some good news. in new haven, connecticut, this mother in labor raced to the hospital in the middle of storm. >> i was screaming. telling them to hurry up, and i thought the babe was coming in the car. >> reporter: she and the baby are just fine tonight. behind that system, a deep freeze. windchills tomorrow morning will be near zero for 50 million people across the northeast. >> great to see that mom and baby doing well. linsey davis live from times square, the totals are far higher in the boston area where it's still coming down. >> reporter: that's right, david. the city that never sleeps. a bit paralyzed tonight. a lot of people have been having fun on this pile of snow behind me, but boston still getting hit
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at this hour. more than a foot of snow in massachusetts. in central and western massachusetts, 18 inches and counting. >> linsey davis, thank you. you heard her mention boston getting slammed. travel coast to coast is a mess at this hour. more than 3,600 flights canceled, and adrienne bankert at boston airport where they are still trying to take off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a frustrating winter reality. one whopping snow storm, stranding travelers coast to coast. >> wait for another flight. so frustrating. >> my flight has been moved, like, four different times. >> reporter: jfk international issuing a total ground stop due to snow and ice. and here at boston logan, passengers desperate to get out. >> my husband lost his brother and he needs to be there with his family. it's very important. >> reporter: more than 3,600 flight cancellations, already spilling into friday. phone lines jammed as airlines warn callers their wait time will stretch for hours. >> current hold time is greater
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than two hours. airlines cautioning travelers tonight schedules may not return to normal until well into the weekend. >> all right. let's get to adrienne live at a windy boston tonight, and we heard that recording more than two hours before passengerers getting a human voice. not back to norm. until this weekend for many? >> reporter: that's right, david. but look behind me here. we have got this fleet of snowplows trying to clear the runways even as we speak. amazingly, there are still some flights scheduled to take off tonight, but these winds are insane. the snow the going to die down. it certainly is going to be a fingers crossed moment for these passengers hopeful to get to their destination. s. >> come on back indoors. thanks so much. let's go rob marciano. he is live here in new york city alongside the west side highway, and the danger you were telling us is that it could be messy overnight, and in particular, again tomorrow morning. >> reporter: yeah. not from the cold, but from the winds which are knocking down our equipment while we're live on the air here, david.
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brutal windchills behind this thing, and the blizzard is still happening. the first one boston has seen since 2015. this thing will wind down, and you will see a few more inches as it does so. winds the bigger issue with this, and tomorrow morning, it will be uncomfortable to say the least, and anything on the road will flash freeze. teens and single numbers, and it will be well below zero in spots, and another wicked storm for boston come monday. >> monday another storm. rob marciano and the crew. glad you're all okay. come on back inside as well. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. news of this explosion on a nuclear power plant. new information tonight. the fire, and the concerns about probable raid occasion. the dramatic rescue. emergency crews smashing through the window, struggling to pull him free. and the basket brawl in
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so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. you want this color over the whole house? next tonight, the immigration battle hitting home many phoenix. the mother of two deported the kn mexico. she had been living here for decades, until the immigration check forced her to leave her children tonight. >> reporter: not anymore. protesters gathered in phoenix overnight, even holding the whe wheels on a government immigration ban to stop it from taking her back to mexico. garcia came from mexico illegally, and she used a fake social security number to get a job. that resulted in a felony conviction. she was ordered back to mexico,
3:49 pm
but with no history of violence was allowed to stay pending appeal. >> last week, they weren't bothering anybody or causing harm to anybody. they were living their normal life. >> reporter: she and her husband have two children born in the u.s. who say their family is shattered. >> seeing my mom in that van, it was really horeart-dropping. my mom's a really kind person. >> we want her back. back in our arms. >> reporter: today, the white house wasn't commenting. >> that's an ice matter. >> reporter: referring questions to immigration officials who say her case underwent review at multiple levels and the judges held she did not have a legal basis to remain in the u.s. and tonight, we are told it could be as many as ten years until she is able to apply for re-entry back into the country. when we cam back, the ploels explosion at a nuclear power plant, and new information. when turned into fight night
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we turn to the explosion at a nuclear plant in france. the fire and the fan triggered the blast. a nonnuclear area near one of the two reactors, and they say there was no radiation leak and no one was seriously hurt. here at home, major storm damage in the west tonight. heavy rain, and runoff creating this giant hole up to 30 feet deep at the spillway in california. authorities say there is no immediate danger tonight. a massive mud slide pouring into the home of this bay area. the wall of mud slamming into the back of the house. the family is safe. and the suv driver rescued in fresno. using a rope to pull him to safety. what turned into fight fight at madison square garden. showing former nba star, charles oakley with security guards.
3:54 pm
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or if you've had an organ transplant, or lung, breathing, or liver problems. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo. see for this and other indications. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients, nurses, and physicians involved in opdivo clinical trials. finally tonight here, america strong. the little girl and her fighting spirit already seen by millions. >> reporter: this is how the video starts. her shoulders moving. little leah. ♪ lip syncing to start. she's just 4 years old. born with a rare blood disease -- a thumbs up. after overcoming two bone marrow
3:58 pm
transplants. her mother by her side there. and on the video, mom encouraging her little girl. >> let me hear it. ♪ >> reporter: "you're an overcomer" the song goes. and leah singing nearly every word. after spending 326 days away from her family and in the hospital, music has helped leah get through it. she knows every word. ♪ you're going to hear me roar proving to the millions already seeing her, she's an overcomer. >> we are rooting for little leah who just made ameri
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and breaking news right now is out of san francisco where the ninth circuit court of appeals has upheld a washington judge's suspension of president trump's travel ban. the president's order banned travelers from seven primarily muslim countries. here's a live look outside the court at mission and seventh streets. the decision came a short time ago and it was unanimous decision by the three judges. >> yeah. here is an excerpt from the 29-page decision. "the government has pointed to no evidence that a terrorist has planned an attack in the united states. my contrast, it would substantially injure the states if it was reinstated." this could also go back to the district court and try to get the order reversed there.
4:00 pm
>> the justice department just issued a statement saying it is reviewing the decision and reviewing its options. trump tweeted "see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake." we'll have much more as this sto story unfolds. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil has the day off. this video is from the north bay this afternoon where it's been pounded by this relentless rain. >> the storm brought heavy surf to the coach, strong waves pounding the coast of pacifica. the wind and surf were so strong, it nearly blew this manhole cover off the ground. >> it's still wet and it's going to be wet at least through tomorrow. >> spencer christian has the latest. spencer? >> even as the rain is winding down in parts of the north bay, it's quite steady over the east


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